A Advanced Instrumentation Systems
  Africa Health Research Institute
  Applied Health Research
  Arts and Sciences (BASc)
B Bartlett Real Estate Institute
  Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources
  Behavioural Science and Health
  Biomaterials & Tissue Eng
  Brain Repair & Rehabilitation
C Cancer Institute
  Cardiometabolic Phenotyping Group
  Cardiovascular Imaging Group
  Cardiovascular Prevention & Outcomes
  Cardiovascular Surgery
  Cell & Developmental Biology
  Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis
  Centre for Cardiology in the Young
  Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics
  Centre for Editing Lives and Letters
  Centre for Engineering Education
  Centre for Innovative Finance
  Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy
  Clinical and Movement Neurosciences
  Clinical and Professional Practice Unit
  Clinical Epidemiology
  Clinical Neuroscience
  Clinical Operational Research Unit
  Clinical Research
  Clinical, Edu & Hlth Psychology
  CoMPLEX: Mat&Phys in Life Sci & Exp Bio
  Comprehensive CTU at UCL
  Congenital Heart Disease
  CRUK Cancer Trials Centre
D Department of Neuromuscular Diseases
  Department of Ortho and MSK Science
  Department of Surgical Biotechnology
  Department of Targeted Intervention
  Dept of Anthropology
  Dept of Biochemical Engineering
  Dept of Chemical Engineering
  Dept of Chemistry
  Dept of Civil, Environ &Geomatic Eng
  Dept of Computer Science
  Dept of Earth Sciences
  Dept of Economics
  Dept of Electronic & Electrical Eng
  Dept of English Lang & Literature
  Dept of Geography
  Dept of Greek & Latin
  Dept of Hebrew & Jewish Studies
  Dept of History
  Dept of History of Art
  Dept of Information Studies
  Dept of Mathematics
  Dept of Mechanical Engineering
  Dept of Med Phys & Biomedical Eng
  Dept of Philosophy
  Dept of Physics & Astronomy
  Dept of Political Science
  Dept of Science & Technology Studies
  Dept of Security and Crime Science
  Dept of Space & Climate Physics
  Dept of Statistical Science
  Development Planning Unit
  Div of Biosciences
  Div of Infection & Immunity
  Div of Medicine
  Div of Psychology & Lang Sciences
  Div of Surgery & Interventional Sci
  Division of Psychiatry
E Eastman Dental Institute
  EDI Continuing Professional Develop.
  EDI Craniofacial & Development Sci
  EDI MaxFac,Diagnostic,Med & Surg Sci
  Education & Cardiovascular Morphology
  Epidemiology & Public Health
  European & Intl Social & Political Studs
  Experimental Psychology
F Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  Faculty of Brain Sciences
  Faculty of Engineering Science
  Faculty of Laws
  Faculty of Life Sciences
  Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences
  Faculty of Medical Sciences
  Faculty of Pop Health Sciences
  Faculty of S&HS
  Faculty of the Built Environment
G Gatsby Computational Neurosci Unit
  Genetics, Evolution & Environment
  Global Engagement Office
H Hatter Cardiovascular Institute
I ICH Development Bio & Cancer Prog
  ICH Developmental Neurosciences Prog
  ICH Genetics & Genomic Medicine Prog
  ICH Infect, Imm, Infla. & Physio Med
  ICH Pop, Policy & Practice Prog
  Imaging Neuroscience
  Infection & Population Health
  Infectious Disease Informatics
  Inst for Dig Innovation in the Built Env
  Inst for Innovation and Public Purpose
  Inst for Liver and Digestive Hlth
  Inst for Risk & Disaster Reduction
  Inst of Clinical Trials &Methodology
  Inst Ophthalmology - EM Unit/Imaging SRF
  Institute for Global Health
  Institute of Archaeology
  Institute of Archaeology ASE
  Institute of Archaeology Gordon Square
  Institute of Cardiovascular Science
  Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience
  Institute of Epidemiology & Health
  Institute of Health Informatics
  Institute of Ophthalmology
  Institute of the Americas
  Intercollegiate Department
  Internal Medicine
  IOE - Culture, Communication & Media
  IOE - Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment
  IOE - Education, Practice & Society
  IOE - Learning & Leadership
  IOE - Psychology & Human Development
  IOE - Social Science
  IOE - Thomas Coram Research Unit
  IOE- Centre for Longitudinal Studies
  IOE- Centre Global Higher Ed
  IOE- Centre Holocaust ED
  IOE- Centre of Leadership & Learning
  IOE- CPA Press
  IOE- Early Years & Primary Education
  IOE- Humanities & Social Science
  IOE- International Literacy Centre
  IOE- Lifelong Learning & Comparative Edu
  IOE- National Research & Development Ctr
  IOE- Quantitative Social Studies
  IOE- Social Science Research Unit
  IOE- UCL Knowledge Lab
  IoN RLW Inst of Neurological Sci
  ISD Research IT Services
J Joint Research Office
L Language & Cognition
  London Centre for Nanotechnology
M Maternal & Fetal Medicine
  Metabolism & Experi Therapeutics
  Microbial Diseases
  MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL
  MRC Prion Unit at UCL
  MRC Unit for Lifelong Hlth & Ageing
  MRC/UCL Lab for Molecular Cell Bio
N Neonatology
  Neuro, Physiology & Pharmacology
  Neurodegenerative Diseases
P Pharmaceutics
  Practice & Policy
  Primary Care & Population Health
  Professional Services
R Reproductive Health
  Research Department of Cancer Bio
  Research Department of Haematology
  Research Department of Oncology
  Research Department of Open Learning
  Research Department of Pathology
  Respiratory Medicine
  Restorative Dental Sciences
S School Finance - IOE
  Social & Economic Global Env
  SoP Pharmaceutical & Bio Chemistry
  Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences
  Strategy & Operations
  Structural & Molecular Biology
  Survey of English Usage
T The Bartlett Sch of Const & Proj Mgt
  The Bartlett School of Architecture
  The Bartlett School of Planning
  The Bentham Project
  The Ear Institute
  The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
  The Slade School of Fine Art
  Translation Studies
U UCL - Qatar
  UCL Australia
  UCL EGA Institute for Women's Health
  UCL GOS Institute of Child Health
  UCL Institute for Advanced Studies
  UCL Institute for Global Prosperity
  UCL Institute of Education
  UCL Institute of Prion Diseases
  UCL Institute of Prion Diseases Support
  UCL Interaction Centre
  UCL Medical School
  UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology
  UCL School of Management
  UCL School of Pharmacy
  UCL-NU School of Eng Partnership
  UK Dementia Research Institute
V Vascular Physiology
  VP: Central Health
  VP: Education
  VP: Innovation & Enterprise
  VP: International
  VP: Research
W Wolfson Inst for Biomedical Research
  Women's Cancer